Rodes City 10K

The race this morning went well.  My 4 mile run down to the start was peaceful.  I passed all the bars on Bardstown Rd setting up for the St. Patty’s day events.  There is something about running to the start of a race, I can’t explain but it feels amazing.  As I reached the start of the race I noticed there were no pot-a-johns in site!  Shame on the race director.  In true runner fashion I found the next best thing, a dark ally!  There were a few other fellow runners doing the same thing (both men and women).  In the runner’s world no one cares where you pee, they may even look at you and give a head nod as if to say, “I understand.”  After I pulled my pants up a young girl began talking to me, she was a high school kid. I could tell she was not a cross country runner but a young recreational runner.  Which was more impressive to me in many ways.  She briefly spoke to me and ask if I was a “Serious runner?”  I giggled and replied, “No, I just enjoy it.”  She processed, “Have you ever ran a marathon?  That is my dream but I am not sure if it will ever happen.”  I answered, “Yes I have and yes you will one day.  Never stop reaching and dreaming, you will get there.”  I wished her luck as we went our separate ways.

It always amazes me the things people do at the start of a race.  Take this morning for example.  Just as I had taken 5 steps of the start line a few women decided to run side ways as 10,000 people ran forward.  I had no where to go and pushed one of them down.  I had no choice.  What were they thinking?!  I felt bad but I could not prevent the inevitable.  After the mishap I was getting into my pace, slow and steady out of the gate saving all reserves for the end.  I started at a 7:20 pace.  I am not fast by any means, I can just maintain.  I tend to excel in long distance races (thank you slow twitch fibers).  This was one of the quietest road races I have ever been apart of.  There was no spectators and my fellow runners were not very lively.  I was running along side of people but I was all alone.  I tried to high five the few children I saw and say good morning to those a long the way.  No one really reciprocated my enthusiasm.  I was not running my heart out today which made the race a little more enjoyable.  I have never used road races as a training tool until this year, I am liking it.  I plan to do this more in the future.  I am no longer hung up on my time, I am concentrated on the moment.  As we approached the final mile the man running next to me said, “good job.”  He could barely get the words out of his mouth but he managed.  What a neat experience, here was a man breathing so heavy and barely able to pick his feet up but he had the strength to tell me good job.  I gave him a quick smile and said,”good job to you, we are almost there.”  He nodded and I pushed forward.  I like to finish strong using very bone, muscle, and nerve ending to propel me to the finish.  This race was unique in the fact it did not have a finish line.  I knew I was close but I wasn’t sure how close.  I normally gun it the moment I can see the finish but there was not one in sight.  I crossed over it without even knowing it.  I figured out I was finished when everyone in front of me immediately stopped.  I guess the race was over.  I waited to see my cousin finish.  She has been running for 3 years or so.  Her and I ran Columbus and prior to becoming a mom we use to take long runs together.  She has turned into a strong runner.  In the past she allowed herself to become discouraged because she was not good enough in her mind.  It was tough to teach her that running and building endurance takes time.  Finding your limits and setting goals  needs to be reasonable with where you are at in your training.  It starts with walking, then jogging, then running and then sprinting.  Running is a progression for many people.  I witness Ashley finish and it was impressive, she finished in 45:30 (a PR for her).  I feel great emotion watching her achieve her  goals.  She has come so far in such a short amount of time and it has been my pressure to watch her grow.  I can’t wait to see how she finishes at the mini.  I gave her a hug and we exchanged a few words.  Her and her boyfriend even offered me a ride home, I declined.

As I began my journey home I did not take into consideration all the runners still on the course.  How was I going to get home, I only knew one way and it was occupied by 5,000 people.  I ask a policeman for direction (big mistake).  He told me to take River Road all the way down until it runs into Campbell.  I headed down River Rd, there was no Campbell and finally I reached a road closure due to flooding.  The roads looked like white water rapids.  I maneuvered the best I could around the water and headed east.  I was on Spring Street, a road I have never driven nor ran.   I continued on in hopes I would find a road sign I recognized.  After a few miles I hit Payne Street, finally I knew where I was.  I headed back south towards Bardstown.  As I was running a policeman yelled to me, “You didn’t get enough during the race?”  I laughed out loud and replied, “It’s never enough for me!”  He wished me luck and asked that I run a mile for him.  I agreed.

Finally I reached my home to find my daughter still sleeping.  I love when she sleeps because I feel like I don’t miss anytime with her while I am running.  Last she was up late vomiting.  I guess she needed the rest.  After 5 minutes she awoke and my husband went back to get her as I stretched.  “Camille!! Get back here, oh my god!”  When I walked into her room I found my husband holding her naked body covered in poo!  During the night she had removed her diaper and pooped everywhere!  So much for stretching.  I gave her a bath as my husband cleaned her bed and clothes (I have a wonderful man in my life).  Once again no matter how far I run when I enter our home I am a mom and the race is behind me.  I covered 15 miles today and had a great time doing so.   I can’t wait for tomorrow’s run.


About runnerskickassphalt

I am a normal girl who happens to be a mom, wife, marathon runner, and CrossFit coach. I am constantly looking for my next adventure with my kids, clients and family.
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