The Race Day that is a Training Day

I hate mornings….with a passion!  I do not like leaving my warm cozy bed to join the outside world.  I could sleep the day away almost everyday.  However, when race day comes around I leap out of bed, with a smile on my face.  I am happy to be alive and well.  This morning my alarm went off and with out hesitation I was up getting ready.  I had breakfast (the standard oatmeal, banana, 8oz coconut water, and a tiny bit of coffee), getting ready to read a chapter in RUN! by Dean Karnazes for motivation, stretching, and running to the start.

My nerves are jumping and I feel excitement throughout my body, this is a good sign.  It is weird because I am not technically “racing,” the 10K but using it as training in preparation for Boston.   Today will be a speed day/longer run.  Adding in the transportation miles I will log 14+ miles.  It will be broken down into 3 parts, which will make it easier to get in some quality speed work.

To all you participating in a road race this fine Saturday morning, good luck and see you at the finish line!



About runnerskickassphalt

I am a normal girl who happens to be a mom, wife, marathon runner, and CrossFit coach. I am constantly looking for my next adventure with my kids, clients and family.
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