Mixed Intervals + Foam Rolling

Last night my ol’ faithful (Ashley) and I ventured off into a mixed interval training session.  We started off with dynamic stretching (tilt walk, zombies/toe touches, trunk rotation, lunge walk, lateral lunge, forward leg swing, lateral leg swing, and heel bounce) before transporting ourselves to the Frankfort Avenue Reservoir.  I have learned over the years it is best to perform speed work at a track or a place where the exact distance is known.  I always run with my Garmin, but at times she has technical difficulties.  The reservoir is rarely crowed and it is a unique place to run.  It sets up high away from the road and the sound of the water is calming.  The reservoir is roughly 1 mile from Ashley’s home.  We took it nice and slow.  We ran (well more of a jog) at recovery pace (9:00 minute miles) to our destination.  Ashley is an extremely eager individual.  She sets high yet realistic goals for herself.  She often runs with a weight-vest on (which I will never knock because her running times have significantly improved in a short amount of time).  However, when she told me she was going to wear it during our interval training, I was a little shocked.  I did not say much because once Ashley has made a decision there is rarely an opportunity to change her mind.  I knew the weight-vest would be hard to keep on given the length of our intervals.  She has trained heavily with the vest which has caused her body to acclimate to the extra weight.  I was interested to see if it would stay on or come off during our lengthy intervals.

We performed the following mixed intervals:

  • 1 mile warm up (9:00 recovery pace)
  • 1 X 1.25 miles (6:45 pace) – 90 second active recovery
  • 1 X 1 mile (6:40 pace) – 90 second active recovery
  • 1 X .60 (6:33 pace) – 90 second active recovery
  • 1 X .5 (6:33 pace) – 90 second active recovery
  • 1 mile cool down (8:50 recovery pace)

The first interval went fairly smoothly.  Intervals of longer durations should be challenging enough (not able to talk comfortably) but not exhausting.  They are not a sprint yet a harder more intense run.  For the most part Ashley kept a long side me.  However, after the first interval she ditched the vest (a very smart decision in my opinion).  This was our second speed run of the week and both of us had engaged in some form of weight lifting (Ashley actually lifts weight and I engage in body weighted lifts).  Our legs were fatigued to say the least.  I felt better than I had anticipated during the training session.  The goals I had set prior to our run were less intense than what we actually ran.  I have always hated speed work but last night was a fun and different experience.  I enjoyed the feeling of taking off after walking.  I felt like an airplane pulling onto the runway and then shooting into the sky.  We kept passing two moms and their children.  The one child was a little boy who would run every time he saw us coming towards him.  At one point Ashley passed by him and he chased her with all his might.  He appeared to be around three years old.  His little legs moved at record speed and the look on his face while running was magical.  He has promise in the future to be a great runner. 

After we finished our final interval and active recovery we began our trek back to Ashley’s house.  She placed the weighted vest on once more for our return home.  The recovery run back was easy after running all out for such a long period of time.  We spoke about our plans to run Indy in the fall.  I had to laugh at us during this discussion.  I have Boston and the Derby marathons within the next 14 days and Ashley has the Derby mini within two weeks and we are already focusing our efforts on the Indy marathon 26 weeks away.  We are running addicts (I guess there are worse addictions). 

I packed my trusted foam roller with me because I never have alone time at home to stretch.  The foam roller hurts so good (it is like having a burse that hurts to the touch but you still push on it for some weird reason).  I was advised to purchase a foam roller to help my IT band issues.  Like most runners my hip are extremely tight.  I tend to run on the outside of my feet and land with a mid-foot strike which causes my IT band to flare up every once in a while.  Foam rolling helps a ton!  I hate doing it because the pain is so severe I feel as if I could throw up.  Ashley gave the foam roller a try for the first time last night.  She thought I was lying about how bad it hurts, but she found out very quickly I wasn’t.  She had trouble putting her full body weight onto the foam roller because of the pain.  I had the same problem before getting use to it.  If you have never used the foam roller I encourage you to test it out (visit http://www.trisports.com/trigger-point-the-grid-revolutionary-foam-roller.html for more information). 

trigger point foam roller - roughly $40

All in all, yesterday was a fun new experience involving mixed intervals.  It is always nice to spend time with Ashley (mostly because she doesn’t think my training and running are odd).  It was one of my last tough runs prior to Boston.  My paces during each interval made me feel good about where I am in my training.  I know I am prepared and ready to kick ass in Boston!  Thank you for yesterday Ashley (I can’t wait for Indy)!

10 days and counting………..


About runnerskickassphalt

I am a normal girl who happens to be a mom, wife, marathon runner, and CrossFit coach. I am constantly looking for my next adventure with my kids, clients and family.
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One Response to Mixed Intervals + Foam Rolling

  1. ashley meadows says:

    I love making an appearance in your blogs..mostly because it means we actually have had the chance to run together!!! I should be thanking you for yesterday, I think I benefitted from it more than you did! I love that you know me so well in regards to not trying to talk me out of doing something I’ve set my mind to, that makes me laugh. I will always highly recommend the weight vest during training and I know if/when you start to use one you will grow attached like I have. Here is to many more runs together and then blogs about it later… = )

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