Holy Shoes!

Boston is only 4 days away and my shoes are falling apart.  This season I have had trouble finding the right fit for my foot.  My foot has grown half of a size since giving birth.  I read somewhere this is a common “side effect,” from having a baby.  The cause has something to do with the release of relaxin into the body plus the extra baby weight.  I do not know how factual the information is but I do know my feet grew post baby.  I never had trouble finding a good pair of running shoes in my early years.  Maybe because I never thought about my feet, I only thought about running.  I ran for the fun of it.  Now I am driven by setting new goals and breaking them.  There seems to be more and more hype surrounding running shoes.  A big part of the hype is due to the minimalists running movement.  Runners seem to be purchasing the newest flattest shoes.  The consumer reads reviews and blogs on why the new flatter shoe is better and instantly they buy a pair (no matter if it is the right fit for them).  I personally do not buy into the minimalist movement.  Most of us born and raised in America grew up wearing hard sole shoes and playing on concrete.  We did not grow up like those in Africa playing on dirt roads with no shoes.  Their feet are shaped significantly different than ours (wider feet and a greater range of motion between toes).  Yes, they are more efficient runners because they have evolved without shoes for so many years.  I think the idea of the minimalist approach is wonderful (focuses a mid-foot strike, improves gate, and strengthens different muscles within the foot and leg).  I do not believe in throwing a pair of flat shoes on and taking off running for a couple of hours on concrete.  I believe in focusing on proper form (moving towards the Pose method) and graduating into a flatter shoe to engage secondary muscles.   An example would be a one mile warm up to the park (in your normal running shoes), then taking your shoes off and performing hill repeats on a grassy hill barefoot followed by placing your shoes back on for the remainder of your run.  Once your feet and body are ready for the switch to minimal shoes make it (don’t jump into because someone told you it is better).  Take care of your feet!

I find myself scrambling last minute today in hopes to find my favorite shoes (in my size, a 6.5 which is tough to find).  The Soucony Kinvara is the only shoe that fits my foot just right.  It is a little flatter than what I would normally wear, but for some reason it works.  I run hard on the outside of my feet (especially on my right foot) causing me to wear the outside of my Kinvara’s down to nothing.  Last night as I was talking about buying another pair of shoes my husband looked shocked.  “Didn’t you just buy those?”  I threw the shoes over to him for him to examine the bottoms.  He was amazed how much treed I had worn off.  The mid outside of the shoes is now completely flat.  My lunch break today will consist of a wild goose chase in hopes to find a size 6.5 Soucony Kinvara.  The shoes can make or break race day.  It is imperative to find the right fit (fit rules).

4 days and counting…………

my worn shoes vs. my new shoes. i was in all when i looked at the difference!


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I am a normal girl who happens to be a mom, wife, marathon runner, and CrossFit coach. I am constantly looking for my next adventure with my kids, clients and family.
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2 Responses to Holy Shoes!

  1. Lorn pearson says:

    Hey, I’m a runner from Scotland UK. I just ran a marathon last Sunday and I know what you mean about feeling excited (on your last post). Just got out to enjoy it and hopefully this will relax you. Take some time out to think.

    Are you wearing brand new shoes for the marathon? I’d read it’s good to wear trainers which are about 100-200 miles broken in. Id never wear brand new shoes. :-/.

    My trainers are saucony paramount 3s. I LOVE them!!!! X

    Good luck on Sunday and enjoy x x hope it’s not too hot, it was roasting for my marathon!!

    • thanks lorn! i have ran a few marathon but none as big as boston. congrats on your first marathon, they become very addicting! i normally don’t buy new shoes 3 days before the big race but i had no choice this time. my other shoes were killing my legs because i had worn the soles to almost nothing. i bought the same shoes so i feel confident everything will be okay. i ran in them this morning before work and they feel 100 times better than my old ones. the kinvara is closer to a running flat than a trainer so they don’t get the standard “500 miles.” i wear a pair of shoes until my legs start aching and then i know it is time for a new pair. happy training to you and thanks for the comment, it means a lot to me! thank god for the internet (i love connecting with other runners around the world)!

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