Oh, The Hustle and Bustle of Life

Similar to most mornings, I found myself running around our home gathering my things for work (bag – check, lunch – check, snacks – check, water – check, keys – check, and most importantly coffee- check).  Within 5 minutes I am saying my good byes’, dashing out of the door and on the road to work.  Upon reaching my car I finally bask in the moment by taking a deep breath and a sip of coffee, awe the glory (this is the only calm part of my day).  Like most working moms, my mornings are filled with stuff surrounding my daughter (it’s always a battle to get her dressed, change her diaper, feed her, and leave the house).  Nothing is easy (which I secretly enjoy).  I try my hardest to wake up at 5am for a morning run (I am not always successful).  I hate the getting out of bed part but I love running the quite streets of Louisville and watching the sun rise.  It’s very peaceful.  I love listening to the birds chirp as I run through the stillness of the morning.  I was sad I missed my morning date (but such is life with a kid).  

I am fortuned enough to work near a park and receive an hour lunch break (thank God).  I packed my running shoes and hit the park today.  Instead of running the loop I opted for the trails.  This was my second encounter with them and I am falling in love.  I would normally not use the word fun and running in conjunction but trail running is fun.  It’s so much fun in fact, I completely forget I am running.  The act of trail running requires a great deal of attention which distracts from the physical excretion.  I ran over roots, climbed muddy hills, dodged tree limbs, scramble around debris, ran across a small creek, and listened to the sounds of animals moving about as I ran by.  It was just what I needed after a hectic morning followed by a stressful day at the office.  The sun felt incredible against my skin (I wanted to take in as much vitamin D as possible).  I often think about living in the days before cars, office jobs, electricity, computers, phones and name brand things, when I am running.  At times I wish I lived during those eras.  Things were simple yet challenging without unnecessary burdens (such as text messaging).  I wish I could be outside all day every day; exploring and experiencing what our planet has to offer (these are the weird thoughts my mind drifts off too).  When my body finally stopped I was renewed.  All was fine in my world.  I could return to work ready to take on any challenge.  I just need a date with my running shoes and time alone with my thoughts.

 If you have time take a break and run.

 Training log

4 mile trail at base pace

2 mile recovery run (later in day)

 Resistance Workout

1 set each

Lying Hip Abd (10 each side)

Cook Hip Lift (10 each side)

Kneeling Overhead Draw-In (5)

Knee Fall-Out (10)

Squat Jump (12)


About runnerskickassphalt

I am a normal girl who happens to be a mom, wife, marathon runner, and CrossFit coach. I am constantly looking for my next adventure with my kids, clients and family.
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