Camille Moseley

I am a coach, mother, wife, runner, and lifter (and when I can find the time I am a good friend). The older I get the harder it becomes to fit everything in. By starting a family and increasing my need to compete and coach  I have little time to be social.  I want to share my story with others in hopes to inspire, motivate and encourage individuals to live outside of their comfort zones. To push for more and never settle for less.

Dean Karnazes, Kara Goucher, Marshall Ulrich, Heather Bergeron, and Brian Mackenzie (just to name a few) have all encouraged me to keep improving in every way possible.  Through their books, stories and interviews I have learned a lot about the athlete and coach I want to be. I can relate to each of them which provides a unique connection and motivation for me to push harder and go further. I have learned my feet can take me anywhere I want to go. My ability to use my body can not only change my life but the life of others. I have a true passion for running, Crossfit and lifting, which I want to spread throughout our local community in Louisville, KY.

It is not easy doing it all but it is exciting and never boring! I welcome the challenges ahead which come with parenting, working, and working out. I am elated to share my story and hear yours as well.

Happy Running & Lifting!

Crossfit Endurance Certified

University of Louisville Bachelor’s of Science in Sport Administration and Exercise Science


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